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donttellme2smile asked: I love you!!!

Thanks Nakia!!! I love you too! Thank you for sharing the most chillest moments with me on our job. it really means a lot to me. Thank you 

loba-de-la-luna asked: I get it. You don't care , appreciate or cherish our friendship as much as I do. I'll fuck off.

No. You don’t get it. Never for a moment did I have to question my friendship with you even though through the past year the dynamic of our friendship has changed. I never thought maintaining friendships can be stressful and that’s what i’m avoiding right now.  It’s upsetting that you would send me an invitation to go camping and then tell me that I dont give a fuck about our friendship the next day. But I’m sorry for not keeping in touch with you this summer. I have no excuse for not keeping in touch with you or anyone else. You’re not the only person I failed in seeing or attempting to go out during the summer. Since camping is this weekend, I can’t make it. I have to host an event with my other co RAs for the students this whole weekend and it requires me to participate because it’s my job. Thank you for the invite though.

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